Promotional products will give you an edge over the competition every time. Use them at trade show booths to keep traffic coming and returning to your booth all day long. If there is a choice between your booth with gifts and the competitor’s booth without gifts, guess who will be getting the traffic all day long?

Customers and clients enjoy receiving promotional products. There are hundreds of thousands of products from which to select and most are very durable and useful. These are keys to longevity and what makes your advertising budget stretch out well beyond the horizon of time. As long as the promotional item is in use, your advertising message will be out there communicating for your business.

Use the imprint area to your best advantage. Be sure to include your company name or product name. This is what will differentiate your business from all the others and help to give your business an edge over the competition. Branding the promotional products is very important and should be given a bit of thought in the design stage. Do not crowd the imprint area with a lot of text. Keep your message clear and concise and use colors to enhance message visibility. Your specialty printer should have staff that is experienced in design to help you with your imprint message creation.

On a grand opening or special sale day, your business can get that important edge over the competition by promoting the event and the promotional product give away opportunity. Use photos and include information in the advertising for your event. For ongoing promotions, create gift sets that your customers can acquire one at a time, at each sale or event. For example, if you are giving away silverware, you could present a simple fork, knife, and spoon set at one sale, and follow that up at subsequent events with additional sets or larger table serving implements.

Try to estimate to your best ability a count of how many promotional items you will need for an event, or for multiple planned events. Order a sufficient quantity and some extras for use at the office. Employees also appreciate token gifts from time to time, and you can use them with new clients, customers or suppliers as needed.

Promotional products will give you an edge over the competition and should be used liberally to expand the reach of your advertising budget.