The tactile sensation of TOUCH is a fundamental part of our daily experience. It’s the secret weapon consumers use as a means to gather vital information to create lasting positive connections between themselves and the world around themselves. Physically holding or simply the act of TOUCH creates a positive psychological connection, driving and underscoring the positive emotions humans seek out. Like when you run your fingers across fine leather, or when you squeeze a soft pillow. The tactile sensation physically unlocks the center of the brain that enhances the act of learning with positive associations.


We as human beings, love novelty; stimulating our brains, makes us feel like there is a possibility for reward waiting just around the corner when we experience something new, different and exciting, it creates a sense of MAGIC. When influential messaging is added to something that engages with the sense of touch, the human mind responds with a positive association with the messaging. That creates the Power of Emotion®.


When you mix the sense of touch, and the power of emotion, you have made a connection. This supports your marketing agenda to engage and create a relationship between your brand, with your audience. A connection, like the synapse in our brains, is made. With MagiCubes® you will create endless impressions, while you Touch.Teach.Connect.® with your clients and prospects. MagiCubes®, your desktop brand ambassador.

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