Holograms that you can touch, feel and engage with.

MagiCubes® AR
Tactile Interactive 3D Media™
Your product literally comes to life, in your customer’s hands. They explorer, change, customize, play, share.
Now a physical promotional product can create handheld engagement that is capable of social media sharing / viral marketing with real time user metrics that delivers immersive product engagement with direct response.
Combine with the benefits of physical promotional products.  Haptic technology, the sense of touch generates a true positive emotion while customers touch, learn and experience your brand with all the benefits digital marketing ROI.
MagiCubes® AR
A tactile and experiential product demo that offers and delivers Direct Response.

Brocade 3D Media Cube offline, online creates memorable engagement.

Porsche AR Product Configurator and Desktop Showroom

AWE Official MagiCubes with AR Superheroes – Handheld Augmented Reality