Generally production time is 8-9 weeks. All products are sold FOB, Los Angeles, CA. Generally, it takes 1 business day to get a pre-production 3D video proof. After proof approval it is 3-4 weeks to manufacture, then 3-4 weeks to ship from our factory in China. For orders less than 1,000 pieces air freight is included. With air freight a total delivery time of 4-5 weeks is standard. We can offer a faster service if you need it. Please call us for details. 800-784-7654
Please watch the How to use the Design Templates VIDEO. This short video will show you how simple it is to layout a great looking Magic Cube.

Watch the quick video How To Use the Layout Template

It depends on what you order, but the general rule is 8 weeks from when you place your order. Delivery is FOB Los Angeles. Please call for exact delivery options, based on the style and quantity you order.

Please send your artwork VIA FTP:

If you are not paying by credit card or submitting payment via bank wire; then please FedEx or UPS your payment directly to our office: Headquarters
321 High School Road
STE 584
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
phone – 800-784-7654

  1. Order your free sample kit here.
  2. Download the zip file with the design template off of the product page.
  3. Upload your AI, EPS or PSD file and turn in your order form or PO.
  4. We will send you your free 3D movie and proforma invoice within 1 business day.
  5. Approve your proof and submit your 50% deposit to start production.
  6. Production begins. We will send a balance reminder a week prior to the goods shipping.

Digital artwork is preferred as it is much easier to make minor corrections in production if needed.

Follow the templates only. Your DIGITAL file must be formatted as CMYK at 300-350 DPI, and can be one of the following formats; EPS, PSD or Adobe Illustrator NO QUARK FILES are accepted. Make sure all images are embedded and fonts are outlined.

Artwork must contain patent details.

The Patent # is needed as this is a PATENTED product. If you have been told it is not necessary, then you may not be purchasing the original and patented Magic Cube. Copies are subject to US Customs seizing the goods. Please use this Patent # when you are designing your cubes. You may place it on any panel, so long as it is legible.

PATENT NO.: ZL97 218 6816

Its easy. Just send a DRAFT (as many as you like) to your customer service rep. They will personally review it with you so your project turns out just the way you want it. Just save your artwork as a 72 DPI JPG or PDF file and email it. We’ll get back to you with our comments the same day.
The Minimum for most products is 500 pcs. If you really want less than 500 pcs, the cost per piece will be nearly twice that of 500, so the total cost will still be the same. We use top quality 4 Color Process Printing and 500 pcs is our minimum on the most popular styles.
The term FOB stands for Freight On Board. When you purchase ‘something’ and pay for it with terms ‘FOB origin’ it means the responsibility of the Seller (MagiCubes) stops when the ‘goods’ are delivered to the transporting company at our warehouse in Los Angeles or another “FOB location”. We also ship FOB Hong Kong and CIF U.K. (London) or Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please call or email for specific details for your destination.