The goal of most marketing campaigns is always to attract new clients. After all, every business has to start somewhere, and bringing potential clients in the door is always the first step to building a successful business. However, bringing in first time clients is only one part of the process. The key to longstanding business success is not only reaching new clients, but keeping first time clients around and turning them into loyal, lifelong customers. One smart way to do this is with promotional products. Promotional products are simple marketing tools that are designed to provide customers with a functional reward for patronage. However, their purpose does not end there. To the contrary, promotional products are also specially designed to promote the business, often by printing a business name or logo on the product so it serves as a strong advertising tool. Promotional products can range from simple pens to more upscale wall clocks, and can be chosen to reflect a business’s goal and services. Just consider the possibilities. For newer clients, who are just trying out a business, providing a small promotional product, such as a pen or notepad, can be an easy and affordable way to make sure that they do not forget their experience as a client. Therefore, when it comes time to seek such services again, the client is more likely to give the business a second try. A relatively new client needs to be reminded as often as possible of the services and benefits of a business, so a promotional product can work perfectly for just such a scenario. Promotional products can also be a fantastic way to turn casual clients into loyal patrons. For this style of marketing, it might be wise to invest in a slightly higher end promotional product, such as distinguished coffee mugs or useful flash drives. Such rewards are likely to speak volumes to these customers, making them feel valued and important, which is a critical key in ensuring that they will never see the need to shop elsewhere. Overall, promotional products can clearly be an important part of retaining and building a strong client base. Such options are affordable and versatile, and can be catered to reflect any number of business goals and services. With so many possibilities, all marketing departments should be sure to consider using promotional products as a key tool in their advertising campaigns. To find a distributor of promotional products in the UK visit the bpma sourcing site. All British promotional merchandise Association members must supply trade references and a suitable financial history before they can join. During their membership, they must adhere to a strict code of conduct ensuring that their practices are legal, decent and honest.) Look out for their logo displayed on their website or stationary.