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10 01, 2014

JWT 100 Things to Watch in 2014

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Going Digital? Staying Digital? Or adding a hands on, tactile experience, this list of what’s hot and how to apply to your marketing mix.

Edible Packaging, Heads-Up Movement and Haptic Technology—just a few items from the annual list of 100 Things to Watch for the year ahead from JWT.

It’s a wide-ranging compilation that reflects developments surfacing across sectors including technology, television, food and spirits, retail, health care and the arts. The list also includes new types of goods or businesses, new behaviors and ideas with the potential to ladder up to bigger trends.

5 08, 2011

Student Enrollment Marketing Alumni Donations ideas

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Student Enrollment Marketing Alumni Donations ideas

Reaching out to prospective students, alumni and potential contributors can have its challenges. Your message must communicate in a way that makes your institution stand out, and in a way that your prospects do not dismiss or discard your marketing and communication agenda. Discover how custom 3D Magic Cubes can deliver your marketing message in a fun and engaging way and deliver your marketing curriculum as a tactile experience. As recipients unfold the Magic Cube they actively TOUCH your brand while the 3D Magic Cube TEACHES prospects about your offerings, and ultimately potential students and supporters will CONNECT to your organization. The 3D Magic Cubes TOUCH, TEACH and CONNECT, giving potential students or supporters a way to learn more about your educational facility. Plus by adding a QR code, Magic Cubes CONNECT prospects to your online content, that is promoting your marketing and fundraising objectives. Always 100% designed with your own custom graphics and images, Magic Cubes create endless impressions with a fun and memorable experience on the desktop. Visit to Touch Teach Connect in 3D.

19 05, 2011

Direct Marketing ideas for promotional advertising

By | May 19th, 2011|3D Cubes, Advertising Specialties, Business Trade Show Gifts, General|Comments Off on Direct Marketing ideas for promotional advertising

GKIC Super Conference – Bill Glazer, co-founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle ( ), discusses the importance of Involvement. Bill demonstrates how MagiCubes ( ) can help info marketer’s get their prospects and customers attention with this desktop “Involvement” device. Now 100% customized for your info product, service or brand.

16 02, 2011

The Best use of QR codes with unique promotional products

By | February 16th, 2011|Business Trade Show Gifts, General, QR Codes, Trade Show Gifts|Comments Off on The Best use of QR codes with unique promotional products

When using promotional products and business advertising items consider adding a QR code to increase your ROI. QR codes can link to dynamic content right from your customers desktop to your digital content. Imagine having your brand physically in the hands of your customers, and being able to present your sales video, or a lead generation e-book, or even surveys and coupons.  Watch this video for a quick demo how a fun advertising folding puzzle called a Magic Cube can present all this, plus create a positive emotion, fun experience with your product, brand or service.

27 08, 2010

Promotional Products for Pharma Education Trade Show Gifts

By | August 27th, 2010|Case Histories, General, Medical Pharma Marketing|Comments Off on Promotional Products for Pharma Education Trade Show Gifts

Here is a collection of some of our favorite Magic Cubes created for Medical Trade Shows and Hospital Marketing.   This is truly an “Edutainment” promotional product that Engages, Educates and Entertains, ALL YEAR LONG. All because of the Fidget Factor! Get your images together and submit for a FREE Video Proof for your client today!

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18 11, 2009

Popular Promotional Products

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Using corporate merchandise for promoting and advertising a companies’ brand is gaining more and more importance due to the increasing benefits a promotional product can bring to the firm. Business gifts that have a companies’ identity printed on them help achieve wider name or brand recognition. To do that, businesses need to choose the right kind of advertising gifts and products to make their marketing campaign a success.

There is a range of different products available that can be employed as corporate merchandise or promotional gifts. In a recent analysis made by Sourcing City, some of the most popular promotional products are:





Because of the wide number of promotional products a company can choose between, it is important to consider carefully all the factors involved before starting your marketing campaign.

First of all the company has to understand if a certain type of promotional product will be appreciated by their customers or not. Usually the company chooses between items that can be used more frequently – such as bags, mugs or pens – where the logos are more visible and the brand message reinforced.

Secondly, the company should decide the budget to spend on the marketing campaign; if the budget is high, the company can choose to use more expensive items (such as USB drives, parasols, etc.) to increase its visibility. If the budget is low, the company can choose between a lot of items anyway, such as pens, wristbands or mugs. These products improve brand awareness and recognition because people use them daily for different purposes.

Using promotional products is a very cost-effective method of advertising and offers a great way of increasing the exposure of your company or brand at a very low cost per impression.

10 11, 2009

Promotional Products offer Face to Face Marketing With Customers

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Marketing is one of the most important things needed in the existence of an organization. No matter which marketing strategy you choose, there are always ups and downs for each of them. In this article we will determine whether using promotional products are worth the time, effort and money you invest in them.

The number of marketing strategies is only limited by the human imagination. The means you use to reach your customers are also various and include internet, media, like radio and television, or face to face marketing through promotional products.

Media allocates a small period of time for marketing, something we know as commercial breaks. During a commercial break a lot of people are reached by the message you want to send, but the message has to be short and to the point.

The internet allows you to have round the clock advertising, available to a world wide audience. Your messages can be longer and more comprehensive. However, both the media and internet send visual and verbal messages which lack human interaction.

Promotional products, also known as promotional gifts, present the best option to interact with your potential customers, explain the details of your products and answer any question they may have regarding what you have to offer.

By promotional gifts we understand, as the name points out, something you give away for free. Gifts are usually given without any expectations from the receiver. However, promotional gifts are given with the intention of attracting as many people as you can for the products your organization has to offer.

Let’s be honest, if you see something that is given away for free you want some too. Everyone does. If you don’t like it or need it, you can always throw it away. After all it was free. But the key for successful promotional products lies in their usefulness. If you offer a pen or a cup with your company’s logo on it, people won’t throw it away because they can use it.

People tend to forget information that does not concern them at the time they are approached. However, after a while they may need the products or services your company provides, but they cannot remember the phone number, address or email. In this situation, you lose a valuable customer.

Useful promotional gifts come in handy in this situation. If you print the logo of your company along with an email address and a phone number, you have hit the jackpot. That person will keep the product you offer him and at the same time remember the way your products were promoted.

Using free gifts to promote your company is probably the best way you can attract a potential customer to purchase your products. The main downside for this marketing strategy is the limited number of people you can interact with, but a significant percent of the ones you reach will undoubtedly become customers.

2 11, 2009

Reasons Why you Need to Use Promotional Products

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Your company’s marketing activity needs to stand out in order for your business to be a successful one. Promotional items help ensure that your company is recognized by business partners and potential clients. The main function of promotional products is to enhance the visibility of your organization and brand. It’s safe to say that the promotional gifts your company hands out increase the chance of having a new client. At you will find a wide spectrum of promotional items and corporate merchandise to meet your every need.

Promotional products are usually bought for certain events, when the company chooses to increase its visibility on the market. Handing out promotional gifts on different occasions is a great marketing strategy. Whether the promotional items are given to company employees or potential clients, the result is the same: an increase in company popularity. Tradeshows, conventions and other similar events are probably the best places to give out promotional gifts and enhance your brand visibility. Red Fish Marketing is prepared to offer you promotional products for every occasion, for the success of your business.

Promotional items come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular ones include pens, desk calendars, mugs, caps, umbrellas, shirts or key chains. These promotional items are considered to be extremely effective marketing tools because of their regular usage. When people use the promotional gifts regularly, they become familiar with your brand and will be much more inclined to become your clients. Furthermore, if your employees use the promotional products on a regular basis it’s very likely that they will end up flashing them in front of several potential clients.

A great thing about using promotional products as part of your marketing strategy is that they are able to serve many purposes. Promotional items are commonly used to successfully boost sales, strengthen old business relations and attract potential customers. Furthermore, promotional gifts play a big part in rewarding the company employees for all of their hard work. Whether the items are practical or fun, they serve the same purpose: making your brand’s popularity skyrocket.

The advantages of handing out promotional items are numerous. The most important purpose they serve is probably promoting the company image. It’s a known fact that powerful advertising is the key to a successful business. If a large number of people come in contact with your brand it’s probable that your sales will increase. Promotional products make it very easy for anyone to have your company’s contact details at hand and thus become a client. Furthermore, if people enjoy using a specific promotional product they will have a positive image of the company.

Everyone knows that the key to having a successful business is a solid marketing activity. Promoting your company brand is essential to having a wide range of clients. Promotional gifts are a great way to make sure that your company is recognized and appreciated. By handing out promotional items to potential customers and employees you make sure your company has enough popularity on the market.

27 10, 2009

How to Use Promotional Products to Generate Leads

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Generating sales leads is a key aspect of any business. This article explains how you can use the services of a promotional products company to help you to generate sales leads.

The first thing to remember is that you want to have your brand and contact details in the front of your customer’s mind at the point where he or she is considering a purchase relevant to you. There are many promotional products that are great for this. Examples are desktop promotional products such as calendars, calculators, memo pads, mugs and pens.

It is important to ensure that your logo is clearly visible on these items. You can choose from single print colours to multiple print colours. In most cases a good accurate reproduction of your logo is achievable, along with the most important part, your contact phone number.

Some promotional items are best delivered by post, examples are air toys (foam toys that are great for flinging around the office) and small foldable frisbees. Fridge magnets and pens also work well in a mailout.

Conferences and exhibitions are a favourite place to plant branded lead generators (i.e. promotional products) with key customers. Slightly larger objects can be distributed this way such as promotional calendars and memo pads, or umbrellas. If the client has kids then any number of toys like the elastic cube and kites are very popular.

Talk to a promotional products company about your needs. Talking (i.e. not just emailing) is important. Many promotional products companies went over to fully ecommerce enabled websites two or three years ago. Cutting the human contact out of the loop was a bad idea for these companies. The process of branding products with your logo requires skill and experience and quite often a proof of concept initial sample. For this reason, many promotional products companies have removed their ecommerce enabled websites and have returned to the good old fashioned telephone.

There are many promotional products  companies. It is best to choose a company that has been in business for quite a number of years. That way you know that they have had to provide a consistently high level of service to survive this very competitive market space.

Costs can be very low. The cheapest items like pens and sweets can be a few pence each. The most luxurious items like a Christmas hamper are more expensive. Though if you are entertaining the executive administering the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, then maybe a champagne hamper is not too big an investment.

Delivery times vary with the product. Bear in mind that it takes a few days to personalize the products with the logo and contact details. However, a few days from picking up the phone to receiving the promotional products can be achieved.

22 10, 2009

This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion, Revised and Updated Edition (Hardcover)

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This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion, Revised and Updated Edition

Thorough, well-written, logically presented, useful, insightful … the definitive career guide and teaching aid for anyone interested in building an effective presence in the music industry. — Roy Gattinella, Vice-President, Marketing and Sales, EMI-Capitol Entertainment
–This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The maxim in the music industry has always been “You can’t make it on talent alone,” and with This Business of Music Mar (more…)