Using corporate merchandise for promoting and advertising a companies’ brand is gaining more and more importance due to the increasing benefits a promotional product can bring to the firm. Business gifts that have a companies’ identity printed on them help achieve wider name or brand recognition. To do that, businesses need to choose the right kind of advertising gifts and products to make their marketing campaign a success.

There is a range of different products available that can be employed as corporate merchandise or promotional gifts. In a recent analysis made by Sourcing City, some of the most popular promotional products are:





Because of the wide number of promotional products a company can choose between, it is important to consider carefully all the factors involved before starting your marketing campaign.

First of all the company has to understand if a certain type of promotional product will be appreciated by their customers or not. Usually the company chooses between items that can be used more frequently – such as bags, mugs or pens – where the logos are more visible and the brand message reinforced.

Secondly, the company should decide the budget to spend on the marketing campaign; if the budget is high, the company can choose to use more expensive items (such as USB drives, parasols, etc.) to increase its visibility. If the budget is low, the company can choose between a lot of items anyway, such as pens, wristbands or mugs. These products improve brand awareness and recognition because people use them daily for different purposes.

Using promotional products is a very cost-effective method of advertising and offers a great way of increasing the exposure of your company or brand at a very low cost per impression.