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19 11, 2009

Top Five Promotional Products for Business Events

By | November 19th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Top Five Promotional Products for Business Events

Business events like trade shows or conferences are a good platform to promote products. For the marketing department entrusted with the responsibility of promoting products and services in such events, promotional tools like promotional products have a great relevance. Innovative use of promotional gifts can help them to accomplish objectives in brand building at these events. A promotion in conferences and exhibitions needs a good amount of money in addition to time and therefore, the promotional campaigns should be able to deliver expected results so that all the hard work gets rewarded. That is why, it is extremely important to pick top promotional products for business events so that the true potential of the gifts can be realised and desired results can be derived from the campaign. It is easily understandable that business events help a business organisation in reaching to a large part of the population and that with minimum of efforts which ultimately help it in pushing up the sales. And, this can only be done with the help of top promotional products.We at Ideasbynet, therefore alwa ys recommend our clients to make the most of any business event. We also stress on the importance of top promotional products in such events. Secondly, since these promotional gifts stand for the reputation of an organisation in these business events therefore, it should be capable of impressing a client. There are many promotional products which can be used in business events but as per our experience, at Ideasbynet, the top five promotional gifts are:- 1. Conference folders- The most widely used promotional item in business events. So much so that participants in exhibitions and conferences expect it. But, conference folders have not lost its charm and the market offers great varieties in it. 2. Conference bags- If you have a slightly high budget then choose conference bags in place of folders and make inroads in to your customer’s heart. The bags will be in use for a longer time and will remind the recipient about your company, each time they are used. 3. Golf umbrellas- Most of the participants in business events are either businessmen or executives. And, golf is hugely popular among professional. So, why not take a break from regular items and make your presence felt with promotional golf umbrellas. 4. Mouse mats- A new age business gift. Mark yourself in a place where your customer spends most of his/her time and you will never be out of his eyes…or we say mind. 5. Writing Instruments- A great utility product in business events. Pens, note pads and lots more on offer.

8 11, 2009

Why Promotional Products With the Company Name are so Effective?

By | November 8th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Why Promotional Products With the Company Name are so Effective?

Promotional products with your company name can really do wonders for your business. It can not only help you display your brands in the market but can also bring more orders for you thereby helping you achieve the key business objective behind the promotions. Promotional products are so extensively used by players in the corporate world these days that you can see one organization or other disseminating gifts to its clients. Studies show that by distributing promotional products with the company name, imprinted on it, organizations can continuously reinforce their brand names in the market for as long as 10 to 12 months. So, if you too want your company name to be most heard about among the masses then start distributing promotional products to your target audience and your company name will be on the top of their minds. In addition to your company name you can also print other information such as the logo of your company, products and services you offer and such important information on the products. There is ample printing space available on standard size promotional gifts which provide an ideal opportunity for organizations to go creative with its gifts. With the progression in printing techniques the end product can get very attention-grabbing and trendy. Our online shop, ideasbynet, endeavours to provide world-class customization services on promotional items to organizations in UK.  The market in UK is flooded with various types of promotional products which are available in different colours and sizes. The products are excellent for corporate gifting and very practical in nature. There are also environmental-friendly products available in the market which is made from recycled inputs and are huge hit with customers. A stunning range of promotional products are available in the UK market for you to select for and make a part of promotional activities. Some of the preferred options available with the suppliers are plastic mugs, laptop bags, golf umbrellas, conference folders, travel mugs, parker pens, coasters, mouse mats, USB products, recycled pencils, recycled note pads and much more.You can find all the above mentioned varieties of promotional items from ideasbynet. We have been in the business of supplying promotional products to corporate organizations for more than 20 years and have successfully met the needs of many reputed organizations. In addition to that, many social and government agencies also shop for promotional gifts from us. We offer huge discounts with a price match guarantee so that you can buy with utmost trust from us. Ordering for promotional products is fairly easy with us.

7 11, 2009

Binoculars as the Perfect Promotional Products for Travellers

By | November 7th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Binoculars as the Perfect Promotional Products for Travellers

There is a large population in the UK who love travelling. There is an interesting way to target such travellers and popularise your brands among them. Do it with binoculars. Yes, binoculars are perfect promotional products for people who love to spend their weekends on sight-seeing. Binoculars are a must in a traveller’s bag. More so, if he or she is on for leisure. By using binoculars, they would be able to enjoy the distant views comfortably and will thank you for making their travel so pleasurable. Therefore, binoculars qualify as the perfect promotional products for travellers. Companies can distribute these binoculars to its travel loving customers and in turn improve their business.  Binoculars are useful promotional gifts, especially for those who love staying outdoors on weekends. Such people can carry binoculars, in addition to other essentials and enjoy the nature. Whether you are on countryside or on the hills, binoculars will make your viewing comfortable and clear. That’s why such promotional products are most sought after by the masses. At our shop Ideasbynet, we regularly fi nd organisations re-ordering these binoculars as they go out of stocks in a few days.There are many ways in which a company can use promotional products like binoculars. It can be used as a part of appreciation and reward programme to appreciate the efforts of top performers or can also be used as gifts which are generally given out during festivals. Business establishments can also distribute it among shoppers in a variety of ways. There is a new trend prevailing in the industry where business establishments send mailers with coupons of promotional items accompanied with it. The recipients are requested to submit the filled-up responses and collect promotional products like binoculars from the office. This has said to increase the response rates from the customers. Promotional binoculars can also be distributed to shoppers as free gifts on the purchase of a particular product. It can also include in reference programmes where a customer who refers the maximum number of persons get a binocular from the company. So, as per the business model and promotional objectives, corporate establishments can use these binoculars as promotional products and accomplish its various objectives.However, it is very important to select the right kind of binoculars for your customers. The binoculars need to be advanced with good lenses and should be light-weight and small in size. The better the quality of the binocular, the more it will be in use and hence, more will be the promotion for the brands.

7 11, 2009

Use Promotional Products to Reinforce Brand Presence

By | November 7th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Use Promotional Products to Reinforce Brand Presence

Markets today have become extremely competitive where business organizations are vying against each other to grab the attention of the clients. The current business scenario demands innovative advertising strategies to reinforce brand presence. Companies cannot afford to relax on the past laurels. A blink of the eye and your organization will find some of its valuable clients being poached by the competitor. That’s why it has become extremely important to constantly remind the shoppers about your organization and brands and there is no better way than handing out promotional products to do it. Promotional gifts help you remind your clients about your business and reinforce brand presence. Promotional products like bags, mugs etc., are highly useful items in home and in office. People use it frequently many times in a day and therefore these items can help you get client’s attention frequently. These promotional products can be customized easily with your brand names to make it just right for advertising. Customized promotional products help organizations in creating an everlasting impression for brands in the minds of clients thus providing repeated reinforcements for the company. Moreover, these promotional items offer a lot of space to promote your brand. You can use the advertising space to fit in your brand details so that every time the client uses your gift the brand name doesn’t get unnoticed. Ideasbynet, our online shop, offers you promotional products at competitive prices. We also offer customization services wherein we emboss the organization’s logo and other details on these products.In addition to the recipients to whom you have handed out these promotional products, other persons who come under your client’s contact or visit his home are targeted through it. So a single product targets many people thus giving more exposure to the brands. Promotional products remain in use for a longer period of time and all that time they reinforce your brand presence. As these promotional products are available in different varieties it gives you an opportunity to select the best gift which will appeal to your clients. In short, the advantages of promotional gifts easily outweigh its costs thus making it a feasible medium to reinforce brand presence in the market. Ideasbynet, our online shop, houses a huge and impressive collection of business gifts manufactured in different materials and are available in different sizes, forms and style. You can also select from our exclusive selection of recycled promotional products as per your client’s profile. We will also help you select the right promotional gift for your clients.

2 11, 2009

Promotional Products Do Better Adverting Than Other Tools

By | November 2nd, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Promotional Products Do Better Adverting Than Other Tools

Majority of businesses indulge in various special and promotional events to promote their company name and brand amongst public. You have to be careful while planning your advertising campaign and be creative and innovative enough by generating enthusiasm, adding a creative theme, instilling motivation, and also manifesting positive impressions. Before selecting promotional products for your advertising campaign, spend quality time in planning. Regardless of how much time you have, always remember the importance of promotional products and their integration into your special company events.

Promotional products are your silent salespersons talking on your behalf with the public. Also never miss the opportunity to create long-lasting positive memories of your company so that it can be remembered for months or even years by including promotional products. If promotional products are used as per your specified plan, they can create anticipation. You can use promotional products as reminders of an upcoming special event. Promotional products also act as motivational reminders. If your event is related to employees achieving outstanding sales or other work-related goals, distribute promotional products.

While getting your promotional products designed, keep your recipient in mind. Promotional products have various benefits as they are the one of the best ways to start word of mouth advertising. For any special event, planning ahead can ensure success. This is when you need to contact the best and reliable consultant who not offers you expert advice but also top quality promotional products. Ideasbynet is one such UK based supplier who will make sure that you get the best of their products and services.

With two decades of experience in this business, Ideasbynet makes sure that your advertising campaign is carefully planned. While planning for you, Ideasbynet consider several key ideas in advance, such as, your advertising goal. What is the main purpose for your advertising event? Advertising campaigns are carried out to promote goodwill, to generate new customers, to appreciate existing ones, and to reward employees for their exceptional services rendered. This UK based online company helps you deal with questions like how will you start the whole event and how can make this special day be remembered forever in the client’s mind. This company will help you choose a theme that will best celebrate the mood that you want to create.

At last, regardless of the size or purpose of your event, promotional products definitely help your clients celebrate and remember it. Work with a reputable promotional consultant to create the desired message and goodwill of your invitees.

1 11, 2009

Use Promotional Products to Gain New Customers

By | November 1st, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Use Promotional Products to Gain New Customers

It’s very difficult to influence people for buying your products and services over your competitors. This can be achieved in two ways, those are, offering some of the best and supreme services accompanied with promotional products. If you offer promotional products along with your actual products, people will come back to your more often. This means more business with enhanced profits. Business is completely driven by relationships. The more contacts and relationships you have, more business will come your way. It’s not easy to make a new customer relationship and simultaneously it’s very difficult to maintain them too. To make your business successful you should give equal importance to new and old customer relationships.

To make any new customer you need to look for more innovative and creative ways. The more innovative you are, more people will like to get attach with your business. New customers are a bit hesitant in using your services, as they think what value you can generate for them. This is when you should use promotional products. Gift something just for free with your services and let people use them. If your product along with your free gift is useful to them, they will certainly turn back to you. But gifting promotional product is a first and foremost step. Promotional product you are planning to gift should be visually appealing. You can personalise it by imprinting your company name, logo, slogan, website URL, and contact details.

Many companies even offer promotional products to the people ordering something in bulk. In other words, give your customers a value in their bulk order. Giving discounts is a clichéd process, that’s why it has been now replaced by promotional products. Promotional products gifted along with bulk orders entice them for ordering more from you. This will only help you in return and they will even refer you to other people too. If you wish to create more customer value, why not gift promotional products as a “thank you” gift. This is much appreciated but many businesses overlook this token of gratitude. It always takes time to let customers know how valued they are and it also establishes a concrete relationship making people coming back to you.

We at Click Promo Gifts, provide promotional products for each and every purpose. In short, we have got promotional products for every occasion. Our designers are very creative in designing your promotional products, so that what you actually craved for.

29 10, 2009

Promotional Products UK – Products for Someone Important

By | October 29th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Promotional Products UK – Products for Someone Important

Promotional products are ruling the contemporary concept of brand marketing. They have gained prominence owing to the fact that they diligently cater to the different valued sets of audience. Presenting promotional gifts make them feel special and significant. Gestures like this serve as the boosting factor for the public’s to be associated with the brand. The idea being extremely prevalent in the modern corporate climate, has seen the upcoming of many promotional item suppliers. However, to choose the best among the lot is a task that is to be keenly undertaken.

Addressing those who are important in terms of your business prospect too requires promotional products that are premium.

According to the suitability of the various audience categories and the business events one can select from a wide variety of stress toys, calendars & planners, games & puzzles, keyrings & key chains, clocks & watches, pens, computer accessories, umbrellas, confectionery, golf gifts, calculators, torches, paper products, mouse mats, folders & bags, clothing & caps, desktop gifts, travel & accessories, recycled products, fridge magnets, mugs & coasters, and mobile phone holders.

Let us see as to how promotional products UK competently acts to make the audience special for the brand-

By appreciating:

Gifting promotional gifts is an excellent way to appreciate the achievements and accomplishments of in-house employees in a business organization. They are given away in the forms of incentives, awards, seasonal or festive gifts items. It expresses the concern of the company toward its employees. Their fruitful endeavor in the company’s progress is answered with an acknowledgment through promotional items. Business associates who are a major part of the external public too are presented corporate gifts. This is to appreciate the trust they invested in the company, thus providing support in the smooth functioning of its operation. The end-users are also thanked by distributing promotional merchandises as free gifts or complementary items with the main product of the brand. This is to appreciate for their interest in the brand.

By motivating:

The flip side of the same coin of appreciation lies the factor of motivation. It is not only by a pat on the back that anybody can be motivated to work in the desired direction. Motivation is a psychological phenomena that is ignited by the spirit of appreciation. And promotional products UK behave the right way in motivating the different segments of public. Only on intensely motivating the audience that they feel to purchase the brand, resulting in an escalated sales ratio.

28 10, 2009

Inexpensive Promotional Products Score Over Expensive Advertising Methods

By | October 28th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Inexpensive Promotional Products Score Over Expensive Advertising Methods

Promotional products necessarily don’t need to be costly. In fact, there are many inexpensive promotional products which score over expensive advertising methods. Promotional products are actually low-cost items which have potential to be successful in accomplishing the advertising objectives of an organisation. Today, an advert in print or electronic media will cost thousands of pounds to a company for one-time telecast whereas, with promotional products you can do the same job many times in a year at a much lesser cost. In addition to that these low cost promotional products give you personal access to customers which expensive advertising methods like commercials fail to provide.There is often a question on the utility value of promotional products, with many pondering over the costs involved in using promotional products and their effective returns. Studies have revealed that advertisements through promotional gifts are more cost-effective than most of the conventional modes of promotions. Promotional products like carrier bags, mugs or pens offer organizations an opportunity to take their brands to the public. It gives them opportunity and that too at low cost to introduce itself and its product range to its target audience which in turn helps the business organization in its growth. Corporate organizations also print their logo, brand names and product list in addition to other similar important information to create more impact on its customers. Promotional products like conference bags or travel mugs offer an advantage of distinctive identification to the corporate organizations which has become very relevant and important in the present corporate world. By creating a unique identity for itself, business organizations try to position its products in an effective manner in the market. The strategy works out well for sellers who cater to mass markets and have to survive against cut-throat competition. Printed promotional gifts also give opportunity to corporate organizations to reinforce its brand among consumers in the market. The client will always come across the company name and its logo whenever he or she will use the gift given by the company. This keeps the brands of the company in the public eye and fresh in the minds of the regulars.There are many promotional gifts items which can be included in the marketing campaigns. You can use a writing pad, a pen and a note pad in a conference bag and make the promotional events successful. To save costs on your promotional items and gifts, you can surf Internet and shop from online gifts gallery. Online suppliers offer discounts and the product quality is also good, if not better to suppliers in the high street. #c1c1c1;font-size: 10px”>Gareth Parkin is the co-founder of Ideasbynet, the UK’s largest online source of promotional products and promotional gifts. He has taken the UK gift market by storm by the application of modern business thinking and the latest search engine marketing techniques. For more details on promotional products visit
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28 10, 2009

Promotional Products Work Wonders in Creating Brand Awareness

By | October 28th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Promotional Products Work Wonders in Creating Brand Awareness

Corporate organisations allocate huge budgets for marketing products. But to be honest, that isn’t enough to push the sales figures. In addition to that, it is also very important to create brand awareness in the market which will make the buyer understand the various features and benefits of a brand. This can only be done by exposing brands in the public eye via advertising. There are multiple ways of creating brand awareness in the market place. Advertisements in news-papers, television, Internet and large size glitzy hoardings in nooks and corners of the city are some of the most popular strategies which are being employed by corporate organisations across the globe for years. The money needed for such brand promotion exercises are generally huge and therefore it is away from the reach of many organisations. These promotional activities have their own limitations which enforce business organisations to look for other methods. One such technique which offers good opportunity to corporate organisations to carry their brand message is distributing promotional products.Promotional products actually do wonders in creating brand awareness. This is because promotional gifts offer organisations an opportunity to take its various brands to the public. It gives opportunity to companies, especially to start-ups, to get a good foot hold in the market whereas established companies can use it for growth. At times, there are questions being raised on the utility of promotional products and its effective returns. We, at Ideasbynet, believe that even though promotional products may be cost-effective than other promotional methods but they are in no way of lesser effect than others in creating brand awareness and that too for a long time. The recipient will always come across your brand name and the company logo whenever he or she will make use of the product gifted. This will keep the name of the brands alive in the minds of the customers for long time which is great for the business.  Our research shows that promotions through gifts are not only cost-effective but also beneficial in marketing terms than most of the expensive modes of advertisements. Organisations also print its logo, product list and other information on the promotional items. Printed promotional gifts offer an advantage of building an identity for the company which is very important in the corporate world. Printed promotional products also give an opportunity to business and government organisations to reinforce itself in the customers mind. Even social organisations too use promotional products to create awareness on various social issues.

28 10, 2009

Holidays are the Best Time to Distribute Promotional Products

By | October 28th, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Holidays are the Best Time to Distribute Promotional Products

Distributing promotional products during holidays would be a great strategy for companies. During holidays, people love to shop and therefore it is the best occasion to promote your products so that you can get instant results. It is also that time of the year when you will find most people in the outdoors. That’s why promotional products are much in demand and are hugely distributed during that period. Therefore, for business organisations who want to impress their clients and at the same time want to advertise its products and services, handing out promotional products during holidays come up as a good strategy.Promotional gifts like travel bags, travel mugs, cooler bags and many other products can be distributed during holidays to target any customer segment. It is because during holidays people see off to various locations and therefore, these products are in great demand across all sections of the society. The holidays are the best time even if you are distributing other gifts which are of general use. It is because you can find majority of the population at popular places during off-working days where you can distribute the freebies with minimum efforts. Therefore, by handing out free gifts during holidays companies can target all sets of consumers, right from kids to adults. These gifts can be distributed at different leisure places which are favourite hangouts for people during holidays. You can shop for great varieties of promotional products which can be distributed during holidays at affordable rates from Ideasbynet. To make your products and services get more prominence in the public eye, you can customise these business gifts by imprinting your organisation logo and other important details on it. Other important organisational details may include contact numbers, address, website URL and company’s message. We use advanced embossing techniques to print texts and images which adds elegance to the promotional gifts. You can use our expert services to print content on your promotional products. The advantage with printed promotional items is that first and foremost it reminds clients about the organisation which has gifted a useful product and secondly, in case the product is mobile, other onlookers will also get targeted through it. Promotional products are not only meant for clients but also you can also distribute it among your employees before holidays. These promotional products can also be used for rewards and appreciations. It is also advisable to business organisations to add complimentary gift items to make the gift package more useful. The clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the company and will reward it. During holidays, these promotional gifts can be distributed at various leisure places.