Corporate organisations allocate huge budgets for marketing products. But to be honest, that isn’t enough to push the sales figures. In addition to that, it is also very important to create brand awareness in the market which will make the buyer understand the various features and benefits of a brand. This can only be done by exposing brands in the public eye via advertising. There are multiple ways of creating brand awareness in the market place. Advertisements in news-papers, television, Internet and large size glitzy hoardings in nooks and corners of the city are some of the most popular strategies which are being employed by corporate organisations across the globe for years. The money needed for such brand promotion exercises are generally huge and therefore it is away from the reach of many organisations. These promotional activities have their own limitations which enforce business organisations to look for other methods. One such technique which offers good opportunity to corporate organisations to carry their brand message is distributing promotional products.Promotional products actually do wonders in creating brand awareness. This is because promotional gifts offer organisations an opportunity to take its various brands to the public. It gives opportunity to companies, especially to start-ups, to get a good foot hold in the market whereas established companies can use it for growth. At times, there are questions being raised on the utility of promotional products and its effective returns. We, at Ideasbynet, believe that even though promotional products may be cost-effective than other promotional methods but they are in no way of lesser effect than others in creating brand awareness and that too for a long time. The recipient will always come across your brand name and the company logo whenever he or she will make use of the product gifted. This will keep the name of the brands alive in the minds of the customers for long time which is great for the business.  Our research shows that promotions through gifts are not only cost-effective but also beneficial in marketing terms than most of the expensive modes of advertisements. Organisations also print its logo, product list and other information on the promotional items. Printed promotional gifts offer an advantage of building an identity for the company which is very important in the corporate world. Printed promotional products also give an opportunity to business and government organisations to reinforce itself in the customers mind. Even social organisations too use promotional products to create awareness on various social issues.