Every new product introduced in the market need to build a brand identity in order to be popular among the customers. Company leaves no stone unturned in making the product successful in market. Huge amount of money is spent on the marketing and extensive research is done of the market in order to promote the product in the most effective manner. Result of various extensive researches has proved that the best way to promote one product or brand is through promotional products. Promotional products play a vital role in building brand identity and making it a household name. The effectiveness of promotional products has been proved over the years as many companies have used this marketing strategy and have immensely benefited. Promotional products play a vital role in building brand identity and making it a household name.There are plethoras of promotional products available in the market which is sure to satisfy every company marketing and promotion requirements. In order to have good hold of the market it is very necessary to well understand the market requirements and target those market requirements. The good promotion is one which is done according to the nature of the product and keeping in mind the target customers. It is a known fact that if the quality and promotion of the product is good then there is no reason of the product being unsuccessful. Promotional products of cost effective nature and great utility are quite successful among customers and are also commonly used as an important advertising tool. A useful promotional product will definitely create a good and lasting impression of the company and create a niche for itself in the market. Promotional products are not only useful for creating a lasting impression but these are also useful to encourage the spirit of the employees. Promotional products can also be given to employees to celebrate some occasion. These are also useful in increasing the morale of the employee force and also inculcate in them a feeling of loyalty towards the company. There are many online stores, which provide assistance in choosing a promotional item that would properly propagate one advertising message across. Promotional products can also be gifted to employees on the completion of successful projects so that their morale are boosted and they are motivated to perform even better and give their best to every of their task and project. Some of the commonly given promotional products that can be given to the customers are pens, cups, t-shirts, clocks, caps, mugs, electronic gadgets, chocolates, confectionery, and clothes etc.