The ultimate purpose of giving promotional products to clients is that they purchase services or products from the company that gave them. Promotional products are an investment, this business expense is justified by the possibility of sales or returns in the future. This article deals with how to use them to your advantage.The key factors to create a purchase from promotional products can be broken into one major element, that your promotional product is kept long enough to create top of mind recall in those crucial moments that a decision to purchase is made. A recent statistic mentions that 75% of promotional product recipients surveyed would keep promotional products they received that they found them useful and 65% percent could remember the promotional product giver’s name if they had been exposed to the product within the last six months. So what is important is that your promo item is useful and reusable. Due to space constraints many people do not keep everything they receive even if it could have future use for them. I myself received many types of promotional products, even a promotional ( mobile phone) sim card reader. Something like the sim card reader would be useful to certain people but not to all. Therefore the keys to successful self promotion through promotional products is to give something with the values of utility and reusability.To truly grow our companies we have to maximize our available advertising resources. This carries over to our choice of promotional products. With literally thousands of merchandise being sold as promotional products we can be tempted to try the most outrageous items because we believe our clients will get the impression that our company is unique and be memorable. But what inadvertently happens is that clients receive something they have little or no use for and your promotional product ends up in the trash. The moral lesson here is that you should know your clients and give them something that they will actually use. The difficulty lies with companies that have no clear cut niche of buyers with unique behavior. Some companies sell products to a wide range of people so what they require is an effective promotional product with a broad appeal.Promotional mugs are long time market proven goods that can bear both your logo and contact information. Promotional mugs are never boring and are always useful, they are great for promoting any business because of their universality. Promotional mugs are great for any budget and has a large variety of mugs from basic classics to high tech temperature insulating travel mugs. Promotional mugs meet the criteria for successful promotional products because they are both Useful and Reusable guaranteeing you great exposure to those who receive them and all around them.