It now common to distribute on new product launch. Distributing not only helpful in increase awareness but also it is very much useful in increasing your product sale. By getting better customers or employees and business clients remember your business for long time and it is very much advantageous for your business. are the tokens which are given to business concern to make them know that they are important people for growing your business. By getting improved customers and employees and even business clients are always truthful to your business. Who in the world will not like receiving a gift? After all everyone likes a bit of attention being appreciated. The idea of receiving something for nothing continues to excite everyone.  This is the reason why are loved by one and all. make for simple useful items that hold some sort of relevance to the clients. They not only thank your interest groups for the support they have lent all this while but also are a subtle way of thanking them. make one feel appreciated and thought after and this is the reason why they are so well received by everyone. work great wonders when used for staff. Every employee loves to be gifted with a promotional product. are a great way of saying “thank you” to your employees for all the support they have shown so far. It appreciates the employee’s efforts and lets them know that the company actually values its employees. Since offer utility to the recipients they are perceived as thoughtful gifts and makes the employees feel thought after and cared for. work as a souvenir and remind your employees of the organization they have served so far. Thus make for a great hit amidst employees. It is not only the staff that loves to receive but also your customers. The wide target audience that ultimately buys your product and gets you all the profits needs to be taken care of too. are well received by the target audience and have shown greater results than any of the great corporate campaigns. An ad campaign no matter howsoever good it might be is a mere play of words and delivers nothing to your consumer but on the other hand deliver value in real terms to your customer. Thus let your customers feel that they are not being deceived by words or fake promises but actual value is being given to them through these . In the long run it helps to create a strong relationship between the employees and its customers.