Receiving promotional products is one thing and using them judicially is completely different thing. For instance, if you just got a pack full of promotional products such as pens or mugs, it sounds great. But that is still left open and unused for a few weeks, what’s the use of products. You gifted them promotional products for branding your company but nothing has happened. At times, promotional products handed out fail to match the expectations set with them, that’s why be careful in deciding when to gift promotional products. There are a few occasions when you can use and gift promotional products, some of them are:

• Distribute promotional products at the Laundromat: It has been seen that many people and businessmen drop their business cards on the Laundromat bulletin board. This is a very old and cliché method, so why not do something new and innovative, like dropping a few promotional pens or pencils on the table. Try to get adequate permission for doing so from the owner. People will certainly pick those items to use or stash in their pockets while waiting for the spin cycle.

• At Exhibitions, Conventions, and Trade Shows: These are just a few events where you can use and gift promotional products to the public. To have more people and crowd on your stall you can gift promotional products to them. Feel free to handout promotional products to attendees who will be using your services. While designing promotional products try to think out of the box, so that you get what exactly you are looking for.

• To your old and existing clients: Business is all about maintaining relations and this can be easily achieved by gifting promotional products quite often. By gifting promotional products you don’t have to remind them to call you for business, as they will be having your contact number in front of them always.

• On important business trips: If you travel a lot on business trips to various places, try to carry promotional products with you. This is because you never know who you’ll meet someone important. If you’re a masseuse, you can easily gift a promotional pen so he or she can call for an appointment next time he or she is in town.

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