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28 11, 2009

Why Business Houses Use Promotional Products

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Ever wondered what made that software company you work for give you a trendy and rather expensive Nike t-shirt or why the pharmaceutical company from where you buy your medicines and cosmetics wants to gift you a beautiful multi-purpose pen stand? Look carefully, all these gifts clearly display the company brand and logo imprinted within a clear view. The t-shirt probably has the logo neatly embroidered on the sleeve while the pen stand has it imprinted on side. Companies today realize the widespread appeal of promotional products which are available in the widest range of ideas possible – right from t-shirts to travel mugs to mouse pads and the ever popular hat.  In fact, it has become a regular part of any brand building campaign to set aside a budget for offering promotional products to clients, employees, customers, dealers and partners. Giving away branded promo items is a simple but effective way of showing appreciation, giving rewards or celebrating some successful achievement.However, there are many companies and business organizations that don’t like to invest in promotional products due to the costs associated with this type of investment. They probably are unaware of the wide range of benefits that come from brand building through promotional gifts. And there are endless promotional ideas which are affordable and that can do wonders for your business promotion. When it comes to promotional products, companies and business organization nowadays prefer to buy them online as it allows them to compare quotes and rates of various websites. Discounts and accessibility to easily customized products is another reason for buying promotional items online.There are a number of benefits associated with promotional gift products. Some of the important ones are:Positive impression: The first and foremost benefit of gifting promotional items to clients, employees or buyers is retention of interest. If you give away good quality, useful and durable items that can be used by the recipients for a longer period of time, your brand will remain in the vision and memory of the users longer. Motivate employees: Promotional products also help in motivating the staff or employees of your company to work better. Every employee loves to be gifted a usable and attractive promotional product as it allows them know that the company actually values its employees. Plus, it is the best way of saying “thank you” to your employees for all the support they have given to you. Traffic generation: Another key benefit of promotional products can be noticed during public events such as trade show. Giving away promotional gifts helps attract more visitors towards your booth.  Usually companies attach a brochure or a pamphlet to the promotional gift to encourage visitors to become their customers in future. Marketing new products: There are some companies who use their new products as promotional items. These products are used as free samples to make the product popular before making it available in the market. This is in fact a very effective and affordable marketing strategy as there is always curiosity associated with new products amongst users. When given away as promotional items, the new samples help give a boost to the brand visibility too.Increases sale: Apart from helping in increasing awareness, promotional products are also useful in increasing sales of your products or services. By getting better promotional products customers or employees and business clients remember your business for long time and it is very much advantageous for your business. Promotional products have typically been well received by the target audience and nicely justify the investment made in them.

16 11, 2009

Inexpensive Promotional Ideas vis a vis Promotional Products

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Inexpensive promotional products are perfect for companies wishing to convey their message to a wide audience on a limited budget. Promotional giveaways are a fundamental element of any event, such as trade shows, conferences, sporting events or fundraising events, where they are handed out in large numbers to promote a company and to raise brand awareness.

People love receiving something for free, especially if it is fun or useful. Inexpensive promotional products do not automatically have to be boring as there is an extensive range of attention-grabbing items available to choose from. In fact, the least expensive marketing promotions are sometimes the most effective.

Some of the most popular budget promotional products include keyrings, pens, pencils, coasters, badges, bookmarks, lanyards, juggling balls, mugs, confectionery, and stress relief balls.

These can all easily be personalized by overprinting with a company name, logo or campaign slogan. Depending on the product, and its suitability for the target market, this means the brand or message is carried widely. Even when sourcing budget giveaways it is important to remember, however, that low unit costs should not mean a compromise on product quality

One of the current leading trends in the promotional products market is that everything is getting smaller and more functional. The more compact and multifunctional an item, the more likely it is that it will be used frequently, thereby increasing brand exposure. An example of this is a keyring with a built-in torch.

With corporate budgets getting ever tighter, inexpensive promotional products are a highly effective solution for mass marketing.