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26 11, 2009

Promotional Product Industry-Using Printed Promotional Products to Advertise Your Business

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Over the years, businesses have put their efforts to communicate their messages, products and brands through different channels of communications. Among many methods, one is the use of promotional items to advertise your specific brand and company. Just imagine if you wanted your brand name to be in front of your target audience how easy it would be to print your message onto some promotional items which you could give to your customers or prospects. This method ensures that your brand remains in front of your target audience for a long period of time.

In recent years, the number of businesses that offer promotional items and printed promotional goods has expanded rapidly. Promotional items that can be used to advertise brands range from inexpensive items including pens, markers, balloons, bottle openers, whistles, badges, key rings, footballs, compasses to items including Jackets, T-shirts and even USB flash drives. Most promotional merchandise distributors now aim to provide a range of ECO friendly promotional items which are made from biodegradable or recycled materials and some that can be recycled as well. There are different recycled materials which are being used in the manufacturing of promotional goods including leather, tyres, metal, wood, car parts, plastic cups, textiles, paper etc. Through the use of eco friendly promotional items, promotional merchandise distributors want to being seen as taking the environmental message seriously. All these efforts are made to ensure that reminder of a particular company on a specific promotional item should remain in front of a potential customer for a long period of time.

The choice of promotional merchandise is available all the year meaning that marketing campaigns are developed and promotional products can be tailored to support any event throughout the year. Manufacturers of promotional marketing items try to come up with new and innovative ideas for promotional products. These promotional items would be made available to sales teams to give to customers, as hand outs at conferences and exhibitions and as a giveaway items to customers and prospects. The type of the promotional products selected to advertise your brand name also depends a lot on the type of business you run. As for an IT industry, it is better to use mouse pads, stress items and even USB flash drive as your promotional items while a pharmaceutical company might find memo pads, pens, pill boxes and sticky notes more appropriate as their promotional items.

The promotional products industry has progressed a lot in last two decades and there are many reasons for this growth. First and most important is that businesses have come up with so much innovative ideas regarding promotional items. One example is using environment friendly promotional items. It is remarkable to use the waste materials that we would normally throw away to make useful promotional items that would represent the brand name of your company and at the same time, it will divert the waste to recycling. Secondly, branding of promotional items which intend to deliver a specific message to the potential customers is simple, easy and inexpensive. It is a great idea to leave your audience a reminder of your company on some promotional items, I am sure that you can think of a branded pen that you have recently seen or handled? In-fact it is though that a quality promotional pen passes through 10 pairs of hands in its lifetime!

24 11, 2009

Unlimited Promotional Product Ideas With Die Casting

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Die Casting for Promotional Products

Die Casting is a process where a mold is cut with the shape of the product you wish to produce. The mold consists of 2 halves. The one half forms the outside of the part, which you normally see, the show surface. This is called the cavity. The second half forms the inside of the part, the backside of the part. This is called the core. There is a gap between the cavity and the core that creates the part.

The mold can be produced in two different ways.

The first method is that a replicated model of the shape you want to mold is created. This shape is the same form as your finished product. This form is then used as a duplicator to cut metal away from a solid block to create each half of the mold. A separate model must be made for each half. The mold is then created in reverse to the part that is being produced.

The second method is that the mold halves are CNC cut using a CAD model. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is used on automated machines to follow a pre-defined path to cut a shape. The CAD model can be produced in a few ways. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design.

One way to produce a CAD model is using 3D (3 dimensional) CAD software. A CAD Designer would design a virtual model of your part on the computer.

Another way would be to produce a part in CAD by using an actual sample of an existing part measured using a CMM and importing the data. CMM stands for coordinate measuring machine. These types of machines measure objects in 3D. The information that they generate can then be used in a CAD software program to construct a part.

3D Scanning can also be used for a process called Reverse Engineering. These scanners work with optics or lasers. They scan an actual part and produce an exact virtual replica within computer software. This CAD model can then be used to produce a mold.

Once the part is produced it can be painted, decals applied and assembled with other parts. Die cast parts are very durable. The are generally produced in aluminum or zinc. A big advantage of this method is that if you can think of a shape, you can make it.

31 10, 2009

Beating the Credit Crunch with Promotional Products

By | October 31st, 2009|Promotional Products|Comments Off on Beating the Credit Crunch with Promotional Products

In times of the recession within the UK business is expected to struggle over the next few months to a year. Businesses whether forced to or not begin to look at ways in which they can cut their budgets and this on more occasions that not can mean cutting the spending on company marketing. However cutting down marketing efforts does not help a company in the long run. After all people still need to know about your brand and this is especially important for new business. Alas cutting down marketing spending does not offer a simple solution but rather complicates things further down the line. Businesses should therefore be thinking about ways in which they can maximise their marketing efforts, get their brand out there and to do this with a minimum amount of spending but to a great degree of success and ROI and promotional products offer this.Promotional products refer to merchandise that are used in marketing and communication program of a business. Promotional products, also known as corporate gifts or promotional gifts, are simple artefacts that contain your company brand logo. The beauty of promotional products is that there are so many to choose from all depending on your company’s budget and they come with no-strings attached.When thinking of promotional products people commonly think of promotional pens and promotional mugs. However there are so much more that can really add something to your company. You can have promotional games such as Rubix Cubes to other toys and games. You can get promotional USBs, computer mice and mice mats. These are all very useful pieces of equipment to have and all contain you company’s brand that people will use on a daily basis.The perception that promotional gifts can give to your company are also one of the things that makes promotional gifts so worthwhile. If you are an IT company and you give away free promotional USBs to customers and prospective customers it shows that your company understands new technology and people’s needs as well as having a product that is very much a part of the industry you operate in. Promotional gifts can also make your company appear fun, zany and wacky which, in the internet age, is a good way of getting noticed. Giving away promotional sweets, games, stress toys or golf balls for example is a welcome surprise and does not give your company too much of a cold corporate perception. This is a common strategy which big corporations are using now and if you go to any big exhibition you will see well known companies such as EBay, Microsoft and Google using it.Another positive aspect of promotional products is the cost. Promotional products are very cost effective and you can pay for what you need as you buy them in batches. On top of this there are so many varieties of the same product that range in price. For example you can get luxury metallic promotional pens or a cheaper plastic alternative all of which can be purchased in different batch sizes. So for small businesses it may be a batch of 100 and for bigger businesses a batch of 10,000 and so on-it is really up to you.Overall promotional gifts show that there is hope in this economic climate to still advertise and market your brand and that cutting the budget altogether is not the only option. There are other ways in getting your brand noticed and heard and promotional products offer a great solution to this.