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5 08, 2011

How to create Association Membership Marketing Promotions

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How to create Association Membership Marketing Promotions
Traditional means of marketing for fundraising, membership recruitment and charity campaigns, can get lost when using old-fashioned philanthropy methods. Not to mention the clutter of endless competition in the market place. Magic Cubes is the 3D solution to the break away from the marketing clutter. Magic Cubes is a fun and friendly approach to TEACH your objectives, and a way for your prospects to CONNECT back to you. 3D Magic Cubes is a tactile experience that offers many ways for prospects to TOUCH your brand and message, in a fun and playful way, and that creates engagement with your objectives and brand. And isn’t that the marketing objective?

With a variety of shapes, Magic Cubes provides endless ways that TOUCH, TEACH, and CONNECT with potential supporters while they learn the important benefits of your organization. Magic Cubes provides a 3D experience that surpasses ordinary logo only branding, by engaging people with your benefits and values in a way that tells a story, right in your prospects hands. Magic Cubes state of the art printing and surface areas deliver and increase awareness, plus with available QR codes your supporters can now connect to your online content, such as supportive videos and website directly from this desktop marketing machine.

Magic Cubes is a great way to market your messages, plus they help build relationships and provide the opportunity for people to feel a connection with your cause and organization.

Touch Teach Connect with Magic Cubes, 3D Desktop Advertising that tells a story.Contact a creative reseller today.

21 11, 2009

Market your brand with the best promotional product

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In today’s competitive market it’s become very difficult to make our brand visible and the best way to do so is by the use of promotional products. We can create a good business rapport with our clientele too by distributing promotional products. The main idea behind this is the fact that if our company’s logo is visible it will stay as a constant reminder to all our clients and associates. Most organizations use it as a brand building methodology too. These promotional products are used as business gifts and are given free to their business associates or their target customers. These business gifts stay in sight of the customers and play are constant reminders to them about the company. Moreover, everyone loves freebies and hence these products create a good impression of the company or brand concerned.To take these business gifts a step further, companies get their brand name imprinted on these gifts. Some of the most common imprinted promotional gifts are pens, mugs, bags, laptop bags, key rings, coasters, t-shirts, calendars etc. Imprinting pens or key rings are a very cost effective and excellent way of building brand awareness. A few thousand pens that are imprinted will not cost you much but will give your brand a wide reach and coverage. Similarly, fancy bags or key rings that are imprinted will surely be used by your receiver and is the cheapest way to promote our business. These imprinted promotional gifts not only help in reminding our clients of our company but also work towards creating a positive brand image which in turn helps us to develop our business. It’s extremely important that the business gifts used by us be of good quality as these play brand ambassadors to us. Some businesses use promotional products to give away to their employees too as a way of showing them their appreciation and gratitude. These are sometimes given away to specific employees for some work well done or to all employees on some seasonal occasion.Personalized promotional products and imprinted promotional gifts are these days all available in a reasonable price over the internet these days. There are a whole lot of sites who cater to you cheap but good quality gifts to save your time of having to search them. These sites let you have a look at the product before you buy them. You can further personalize these products by adding your companies’ logo, address or anything that you’d want to.