Advanced Design and Layout MC107 DIY

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Please review this short video for the basic elements and concept needed for layout of the MC107 Magic Cube.

This example is for the MC107 7cm Magic Cube and is the most popular style.

Below- The MC107 7cm Cube is animated with the corresponding Template Panel #’s on each panel of the cube. Match this “Mock Up” cube to the correspoding #’s on the Official Templates provided by

The concept is the same for all the cubes, but the above example and the below video are specifically for the MC107- 7cm Magic Cube (This is the most popular style).

Helpful Links:

To find the unique template for a particular MagiCubes® style, please see the Tab labeled ART TEMPLATE on the specific product detail page on the website.

Please read the “Getting Started PDF” located in the template Zip (download from product detail page). Here is the one for the MC107- Getting Started.

Upload Art link- Use this FTP to upload your artwok. Up to 100 GB is OK. We know, these can be large files.

We’ll then create a 3D Video – After Designing your cube, upload your art and we’ll create a 3D Video Spec / Proof for your review, just like these examples – Proof Examples 

Optional Presentation Aid: Add your own voice and branding to personally present to your clients. Just supply us with an audio voice message and your logo. We’ll do the rest.

If you have questions, please contact Magi Cubes M-F, 9am-5pm PST. 877-99-CUBES (28237).