Marketing is one of the most important things needed in the existence of an organization. No matter which marketing strategy you choose, there are always ups and downs for each of them. In this article we will determine whether using promotional products are worth the time, effort and money you invest in them.

The number of marketing strategies is only limited by the human imagination. The means you use to reach your customers are also various and include internet, media, like radio and television, or face to face marketing through promotional products.

Media allocates a small period of time for marketing, something we know as commercial breaks. During a commercial break a lot of people are reached by the message you want to send, but the message has to be short and to the point.

The internet allows you to have round the clock advertising, available to a world wide audience. Your messages can be longer and more comprehensive. However, both the media and internet send visual and verbal messages which lack human interaction.

Promotional products, also known as promotional gifts, present the best option to interact with your potential customers, explain the details of your products and answer any question they may have regarding what you have to offer.

By promotional gifts we understand, as the name points out, something you give away for free. Gifts are usually given without any expectations from the receiver. However, promotional gifts are given with the intention of attracting as many people as you can for the products your organization has to offer.

Let’s be honest, if you see something that is given away for free you want some too. Everyone does. If you don’t like it or need it, you can always throw it away. After all it was free. But the key for successful promotional products lies in their usefulness. If you offer a pen or a cup with your company’s logo on it, people won’t throw it away because they can use it.

People tend to forget information that does not concern them at the time they are approached. However, after a while they may need the products or services your company provides, but they cannot remember the phone number, address or email. In this situation, you lose a valuable customer.

Useful promotional gifts come in handy in this situation. If you print the logo of your company along with an email address and a phone number, you have hit the jackpot. That person will keep the product you offer him and at the same time remember the way your products were promoted.

Using free gifts to promote your company is probably the best way you can attract a potential customer to purchase your products. The main downside for this marketing strategy is the limited number of people you can interact with, but a significant percent of the ones you reach will undoubtedly become customers.