Do you have any idea about the power of the word “free”? Just prefix it with any product and service to see the magic. You can see a live demonstration of free giveaways at trade shows or product launches. People flock the stalls that distribute freebies as compared to stalls and exhibits that do not do so. Promotional products are the freebies that serve the dual purpose of attracting audience attention and to deliver the marketing message.

Promotional products are available in an astonishing range. You can choose according to your requirement and your target audience’s preference. Clocks, mugs, pens, caps, bags, and many more items come under the category. The list is expanding every day. However, it is important to choose the promotional product carefully because the success of your campaign depends on it. The item should gel with the product or service you offer. For example, it is preferred that a health drink brand for teenagers will offer a mug, stationery items, or a school bag as promotional gifts. The products are imprinted with the company logo or the promotional message. These products help in generating name and brand recognition as well as creating employee and customer goodwill.

Before you actually start the selection process for the right promotional gift, you need a stimulated brainstorming session. Take into consideration your communication message and your promotional objective. Once you have decided it, define your target audience and identify their preferences and appeals. Once you zero in all these points, decide your promotional budget. Now, the last step is to select a product considering all the above parameters. This is important if you want your promotional campaign to be successful.

The advantages of using promotional products:

• These products help strengthen the advertising and marketing efforts of a company.

• The products help to dilute the weak points of Television and print campaigns and give an impetus to the overall promotional efforts of the company.

• All types of businesses can benefit by using the right promotional product. You have to identify the right promotional item for the right audience.

Yes Gifts offers more than 5000 individual products that are sourced from a wide network of international contacts and which can be offered as promotional items to a wide base of target audience. Due to the absence of middlemen, we are able to offer cheap and affordable prices for all our customers. Honesty and customer satisfaction are our primary considerations. We believe in a humane approach towards our clients and customers.