You have put a lot of work into participating in this next trade show. You have organized your set-up materials. You have printed new graphics to hang up illustrating the work that you do. You have redesigned your brochures and updated your catalogs with a fresh new look. You have enough personnel to help run the event efficiently. You feel like you are on top of your game and ready to make this trade show a real success. Are you sure you’re not leaving anything out?

Giving promotional products is the key ingredient to ensuring traffic at your trade show booth. Be sure you are not dismissing this important piece of information. Your time and energy are precious, and you want to be sure you are getting everything out of this next event that you possibly can. Many vendors overlook the possibilities of promotional products, yet they remain puzzled as to why they never reach that next level of success. Major universities as well as a number of marketing research teams have conducted studies. Their results indicate that using promotional items grants you a major advantage over the competition. Buyers are more likely to visit vendors giving away promotional products than those who do not.

There are proven ways that you can promote traffic at your exhibit during the next trade show event you are attending. Follow these few points of advice and increase customer awareness and goodwill at the same time.

• Send out invitations in advance. Encourage your guests to attend the event and to visit your booth. People appreciate reminders, especially those that are personalized.

• Include a promotional gift with the invitation that invitees receive beforehand. Consider a small relatively inexpensive offering, for example, highlighters, pens, writing pads, or key chains. Customers are more likely to make an appearance at your space when promotional gifts are involved.

• Give a second promotional product to visitors who do make the effort to browse your booth. Reward them with an even more quality item as a “thank you” for attending, like a tote bag, sport water bottle, calculator, or CD case. Experts agree that potential customers remember the act of these simple gestures. The reality is that you as a vendor attract more sales with promotional items than without. Additionally, giving out these items fosters customer goodwill.

One example of an actual success story involves a bridal dress company. During the busy spring season, the owners frequented a plethora of wedding trade show events to promote their gowns. This company sent a handful of invitations to each of the local boutiques in the city where each expo was held. The invitations were of a Cinderella theme with a “Welcome to the Ball” message. Attached to each invitation was a tiny key chain in the shape of a glass shoe with a number on the bottom.

The dressmakers told each boutique to distribute the invitations to various area brides who were planning upcoming weddings. The company explained that the key chains were a gift to the brides, but that they should bring them with them to the bridal show event for the grand prize drawing. One lucky number would be randomly drawn which matched one of the numbers on the bottom of a certain shoe. During the event, the designers would complete the drawing and announce the winner of a free honeymoon package.

The trade show traffic for this particular booth was unimaginable. Brides, mothers, wedding coordinators, and others couldn’t help but check in with the dress company, not once, but often several times during the show. And, more importantly, each time they appeared to check the status of the drawing, they were attracted to the selection of dresses and shopped for bridal gowns. These manufacturers utilized their knowledge of promotional products by also handing out customized tote bags imprinted with their name and 1-800 number. Passers-by were relieved to receive another bag to carry their materials and stay organized during the wedding planning process. Once again, visitors noticed the styles and unique formal wear.

In the end, the dress company accomplished never-before record sales and received increased interest in their selection of gowns. The customer goodwill that had been created was obvious. Nobody at the event could stop excitedly talking about which lucky girl possessed the Cinderella slipper that would win the free trip.

Get creative with your next trade show. Search our wide variety of promotional items. One of our promotional consultants would be happy to assist you in ordering an item that integrates into your chosen trade show theme. Allow us to customize a promotional item with your company’s insignia. Increase your trade show traffic while at the same time building customer goodwill and awareness. With all you have invested in your business and attending trade show events, it just doesn’t make sense not to.