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25 08, 2010

Advanced Design and Layout MC107 DIY

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Please review this short video for the basic elements and concept needed for layout of the MC107 Magic Cube.

This example is for the MC107 7cm Magic Cube and is the most popular style.

Below- The MC107 7cm Cube is animated with the corresponding Template Panel #’s on each panel of the cube. Match this “Mock Up” cube to the correspoding #’s on the Official Templates provided by

The concept is the same for all the cubes, but the above example and the below video are specifically for the MC107- 7cm Magic Cube (This is the most popular style).

Helpful Links:

To find the unique template for a particular MagiCubes® style, please see the Tab labeled ART TEMPLATE on the specific product detail page on the website.

Please read the “Getting Started PDF” located in the template Zip (download from product detail page). Here is the one for the MC107- Getting Started.

Upload Art link- Use this FTP to upload your artwok. Up to 100 GB is OK. We know, these can be large files.

We’ll then create a 3D Video – After Designing your cube, upload your art and we’ll create a 3D Video Spec / Proof for your review, just like these examples – Proof Examples 

Optional Presentation Aid: Add your own voice and branding to personally present to your clients. Just supply us with an audio voice message and your logo. We’ll do the rest.

If you have questions, please contact Magi Cubes M-F, 9am-5pm PST. 877-99-CUBES (28237).

19 08, 2010

The Gesture Cube is fascinating

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Cubes just beg to be played with. If you cant pick it up, just give it a gesture!

25 05, 2010

Promotional Products for Trade Shows can Entertain!

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The Skeptic Society illustrates an entertaining look at another form of the Magic Cube.

Watch the video, and for the answer, click the link below.

Get the scoop

25 05, 2010

Porsche unfolds new Cayenne Magic Cube promotion.

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“I just want to let you know how happy my client is with the PORSCHE Cayenne Magic Cubes you made for us. Knowing full well how scrutinizing PORSCHE is about their image, they had nothing but accolades when they saw their cubes and now the dealers are clamoring for more…stay tuned for at least one reorder! –Ed L. – Promotional Products Distributor

Great example of how to engage with emotion using promotional advertising products that generate more Fidget Factor that a promotional item like a coffee cup with a logo or a mouse pad with a logo.

23 05, 2010

Promotional Product gifts found in Museums

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Turn your corporate branding into a Museum Quality gift. The official home of Magic Cubes, ( ) offers Top Quality production for Magic Cubes®. As seen in museums gift stores from around the world. Imagine creating a sense of engagement with positive emotion for your company branding in the hands of your customers, just like Museum Quality 3D Magic Cubes. With the Magic Cube, you can create similar emotion to that of world renowned artists, with your company marketing in a folding 3d magic cube. See so many museum magic cube gift ideas below.

Those who are looking for a 3D Trade Show Giveaway can get a free Spec Sample with your own custom artwork. It takes only 1 business day to see your custom design unfold for truly unique promotional business gift. See how to create a custom magic cube spec sample –







18 05, 2010

The Magic Advertisng Cubes Stop Motion Video

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Here is a fun Magic Cube video where the cubes come alive! Promotional Products that engage.

7 05, 2010

Adding Promotional Products to your Social Media Marketing Mix

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Social Media is something everyone can do, and that millions of individuals are using.  Marketing your small or large business with social media is certainly an important part of the today’s media mix. Marketing on Facebook, Twitter  and LinkedIn is a practice that engages customers while they are on the go, or at their desk. Giving your fans (tribe) promotional gifts is an profitable way to reinforce your brand while engaging your customers.  Choosing the right B2B promotional advertising gift will help to ensure you get the best return for your investment.

Using Promotional Gifts

So after spending some time promoting your brand on Social Media, you want to take the next step and really engage your fans and followers with your brand. You have a product or service to sell and you feel it will be of interest to many of your key prospects, customers and clients. What do you do next? Here are a few key points you should consider when choosing your promotional gifts and advertising specialty products.

  • Send your priority clients and customers, those you tweet back and forth with regularly an inexpensive but useful gifts such as a promotional mouse mat, printed mug or promotional pen. Print these with your logo and a message and reinforce your brand. Try to choose and item that really engages your audience offline as much as your tweets and posts accomplish online.  For example, the Magic Cubes offer over 30 styles that Engage and Entertain while delivering your branding messages. Magic Cubes actually deliver a marketing story in a 3D interactive promotional gift that is entertaining for each recipient.
  • Hold a competition. You might like to post a question about something within your industry and offer the Magic Cubes as a gift to the first 50 followers that answer the question correctly. This is a great way of having a little fun while keeping your posts and tweets interesting while promoting your brand, and educating your customers.
  • Reward people for following you. If you are offering free printed mugs or promotional pens to people who follow you, word will get around. Everyone loves free stuff. It is important to remember that not all of these followers will be quality followers. Some will be SEOs that represent a business or worse a robot. Looking for and rewarding interested ‘humans’ with promotional gifts is an excellent way of building your brand. Look for useful yet inexpensive gifts such plastic pens, mouse mats and keyrings, or the ever popular Magic Cube.

26 04, 2010

Magic Cubes Video demonstration for B2B Marketing

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The Magic Cubes create the Fidget Factor.  Customers just can put them down. Deliver ROI all year long on your customers desk’s.

22 04, 2010

Magic Cubes Video Product Proofs

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Save 3 Weeks of Pre-Production, and $195 with the new 3D Video Proofing and Spec Video system from  Now you can upload your artwork, and withing 1-2 business days, receive a Die Cut Accurate Video Proof. Great for SPEC Proposals to Clients.  Not sure what Trade Show gift to giveaway? Test out your custom artwork with a creative Video Proof. Click Here for Video Proof Technology details.

30 11, 2009

Select best promotional products for your clientele patrons

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As compared to the other conventional methods of advertising, promotional products are also cheaper as well as more realistic to bring better results. By using a set of promotional gifts, you can extend the memo to the most forthcoming buyer of your establishment at any point of time. Therefore if you want to publicize and promote your business amongst your patrons, then the promotional products are the finest choice. Nowadays the process of acquiring a promotional product is not as easy as it seems. It entails a lot of exploration and survey to ensure that they suit the choice of your targeted consumers along with the event. You may pick the products on several characteristics like the sex, social background, profession as well as the hobbies of your customers. For instance, if you maker makeup products for women, then the promotional products can embrace articles like ladies umbrella, make up mirror, aesthetic bags, wallets etc. Stamping could be done in an extraordinary manner so as to enhance the status of your company on a regular basis. This would help you in making your promotional operation more successful.The markets of today are immensely swamped with a selection of promotional products that would suit all the resources and favorites. Some initial investigation should be done by your in order to understand your patrons along with bazaar, before choosing the finest promotional product.The promotional products are categorized in numerous segments that are based on the price.   Many articles that serve as a good choice for promotional products are stated below:Promotional Pens: pens are the most accepted promotional items amongst the consumers. Since they are obligatory for everyday use, pen holds an important charge to people. If your pen is of a superior class, it can create positive impact of your services in addition to establishment.Flying disc: They come in a large range of dye as well as are ideal for imprinting business’s name along with symbols. The note of your business would get crossways in association with amusement and frolic.Key tags: The key tags are very popular promotional merchandise and they come in a range of designs as well as dyes. Imprinting your company’s name or symbol on the key tag will keep a constant reminder of your brand name in front of the patron.Desktop items: Several items such as pen holders, mouse pads and desktop calendars are frequently exercised by most of the people. These matters give a chance to exhibit your business’s name in front of the shopper every day.No matter what product you prefer to give, worth plays a central character in the promotional worth of a product. To augment the visibility of your product, you must decide the best eminence promotional items within your funds. In order to pick the finest promotional product for your patrons, you certainly need to know your clientele in addition to the marketplace.