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Get attention from your prospects with 3D Dimensional, Direct Mail Educational Marketing Tools.

Mike Capuzzi

GKIC Super Conference – Bill Glazer

Chicago April 27-May 1- GKIC Super Conference – Bill Glazer, co-founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, discusses the importance of lumpy mail. Bill demonstrates how MagiCubes can help info marketer’s get their prospects and customers attention with this desktop “Involvement” device. Now 100% customized for your info product, service or brand. Call 877-99-CUBES (877-99-28237)

Bill Glazer
Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle

How to pick the right promo

I love Magic Cubes because when people touch it they think of me, they play with it, they call me, mission accomplished. That’s what a promotional product is suppose to do and this delivers. 


Bob L.
Promotional Products Distributor

Why? Lumpy Mail engages your prospects!

Lumpy Mail

Jon Goldman, creator and author of Lumpy Mail was caught backstage with a Magic Cube at a recent Glazer Kennedy Direct Marketing conference. Jon Goldman who’s list of clients include the most recognizable names in the Information Marketing Business expands on the importance of getting tactile with your information. The conference included notable Info marketers such as Alex Mandossian, Frank Kern and Marry Ellen Tribby. For more info see http://www.MagiCubes.com or call 877-99-CUBES.

John Goldman

We are are thrilled

We received our Magic Cubes calendar cubes today- they are awesome. We are are thrilled with them and I really appreciate it. I also wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the fact that you guys were easy to work with. I didn’t have any trouble and everything went smoothly, it just made my job so much easier and I thank you for that.

Amy B.
Promotional Products Distributor

Product offering in an exciting and creative way

“The Magic Cube is an excellent way to show building owners, architects, construction managers and general contractors our product offering in an exciting and creative way. We are extremely customer-focused and the cube helps prove our experience. Thanks for all of your hard work. You go above and beyond.”

Katie D.

Exceeded our Expectations

“We have grown and based our business on service, process communication, and quality. MagiCubes has service systems in place that have exceeded our expectations, and delivers quality products that help my clients achieve their marketing goals.”

Mark N.
Promotional Product Distributor

Perfect Product

I just wanted to let you know that we’ve now had several months of experience with your Magic Cube product and it ties in perfectly with our marketing campaigns, and is the perfect product for driving customers to our website, to our exhibitions. And we’re seeing sales increase as a result of this top of mind awareness. We love it, we’re going to be customers for life. Thank you for introducing us to the Magic Cube.

Bill S.
Ellex - North America Division

Porsche Magic Cube – Nothing but Accolades

I just want to let you know how happy my client is with the PORSCHE Cayenne Magic Cubes you made for us. Knowing full well how scrutinizing PORSCHE is about their image, they had nothing but accolades when they saw their cubes and now the dealers are clamoring for more…stay tuned for at least one reorder!


Ed L.
Promotional Products Distributor

Helped us in Business

“Having a MagiCube™ 3D Spec helped us close the order, fast! Not only did we close the order- we saved 2 weeks on delivery time and saved money by cutting out the need for a physical proof.”

Richard S.
Promotional Product Distributor